Handmade cut

The fabric is wet for a first and effective shrinkage and then it is stretched. The cut is made by hand for each shirt in order to guarantee a perfect alignment between sleeve and placket sleeve, between sleeve and carrè and between the two fronts.

Collar-stick pocket

The stitch of the collar-stick pocket is performed strictly by hand.

Collar stitch

The stitching is done to give greater strength to the silk interior used by D’Avino. Obviously it is execute by hand.

Hem shirt

It is a seam made by the embroiderer with needle and thread in a thickness of just two millimeters and guarantees the total absence of folds.

The carrè

The fixing of the carrè is typical of the Neapolitan style. It is applied and sewn entirely by hand with soft wrinkles, offering to those wearing the shirt elegance and comfort in the movements.

Placket sleeve

It is cut and applied entirely by hand with very small seams that avoid the formation of any creases after ironing.

Inside placket sleeve

The placket sleeve is sealed internally by hiding all seams that may interfere with the ironing process.

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