The Tailoring

The ancient shirt of Naples always accompanies and characterizes the life of man, expression of elegance, refinement and freedom. For more than a century, D'Avino has been producing shirts with completely manual techniques, from cut to sewing, made by skilled craftsmen and skilled embroidery women, based on the Neapolitan tailoring tradition for unique and incomparable garments.

The D'Avino shirt-cutter gives his shirt, with its exclusive 25 points made by hand and 32 hours of workmanship, the excellence of its kind.

The D’Avino shirt is made from the washing to the packaging completely inside the tailoring. Only in this way, the tailor Fiorenzo is able to have the control over every single shirt, guaranteeing the excellence in quality.

D'Avino's Philosophy

D’Avino is a craftsmanship reality that chooses to satisfy only a small and demanding group of customers, because only in this way is it always possible to control the quality on unique garment.

The D’Avino tailored shirt is born for the satisfaction of the wearer. It is a unique garment because unique is the passion of the person who realizes it.


From the early twentieth century, the D'Avino family grew up in the art of embroidery and sewing. His art was applied to underwear such as nightgowns, bed linen and wedding kits.

Elena In the early 1930s, Elena began to dedicate itself to the custom-made Neapolitan classic shirt, entirely sewn by hand. For her the ultimate goal was one: the perfect fit. To achieve this goal there was (and there is) one way: to rethink the old techniques of cutting and sewing by hand using the finest fabrics. In doing so, the creation of unique garments began for the few noblemen of the time. The first shirts were sewn entirely by hand by the embroider Elena D'Avino. Later, he began to reveal the art of embroidery to the so-called discepole, young women who having no chance to pursue their studies so learned the art of sewing. They had to run the individual phases of the shirt. To increase their ability to perfection and to supervise them work was always the expert eyes of Mrs. D’Avino.

At the beginning of the 1950s, Elena had become the point of reference for the hand-sewn shirt in Naples, so much so that she would be courtesy, for her sake, from the first dairy companies of the time. And it is thanks to its talent that the first labs of shirts become year after year brand names whose names are still well-known in the world of high fashion.

Fiorenzo After she worked for great Neapolitan companies for half a century, Elena began to transfer the secrets of the art of cutting and sewing of the Parthenopean shirt to his son Fiorenzo: he learned from his teachings of the mother-teacher; her throttle was very long, 25 years for precision. It was only after this quarter of century passed by the Teacher Elena, to learn continually, who decided proudly to pursue the long family tradition.

Fiorenzo did it, realizing a shirt unique in the world, made just like a century ago. Its uniqueness is called 25 points by hand and 32 hours of work, the latter required for the creation of a single shirt. In other words, sewn entirely by hand.


The realization of a tailored shirt is a process that requires care and skill, it must be made by skilled and competent hands in order to give to the wearer the pleasure and the comfort.

It starts with the measurement of the bust and the observation of the posture of the subject. The D'Avino tailor, based on the measurements obtained, manually constructs a custom cartoon pattern, starting from the basic principle of the classic Neapolitan shirt.

When the mold template is designed, a test cloth is cut and sewn with a hand-sewing technique, so any modification can be made during the second test, which is the last.

D'Avino works with a rigorous and maniacal attention to the creation of his custom shirt, the ultimate aim of which is to achieve a perfect fit without folds with a garment that shapes, according to the shape of the body.


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